Henry Cavill's Dog Kal Is the Light of My Life (Please Don't Tell My Actual Dog)

How are more people not talking about Henry Cavill's dog? In fact, how is Henry Cavill's dog not the British Prime Minister? I have a hard time believing Kal, the gorgeous giant American Akita that Superman credits with changing his life could not negotiate world peace somehow.

I didn't even know he existed until I did a deep-dive on Cavill's account to find pictures of his new girlfriend (don't @ me) and now I can't look away. Kal — yes, as in Kal-El, aka Superman — is all I think about. My own dog could be staring at me right now and I'd look right past him, because I only have eyes for Henry Cavill's loyal companion. Sure, Chris Evans and Dodger are cute, but have you seen Kal take a nap?

Please do yourself a favor and scroll through this scrapbook of his best moments while I look up American Akita puppy videos.

Pictures of Henry Cavill's Dog, Kal