How Old Is the Cast of Netflix's Work It? They Most Certainly Aren't Teenagers

With Work It premiering on Netflix on Aug. 7, we'll finally get to see Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher in action as Quinn Ackerman and Jake Taylor. While we know who's taken and who's single in the cast, you may be wondering just how old they are. After all, Work It follows high school senior Quinn as she decides to start her own dance team in the hopes of getting into her dream school. Unfortunately, most of the actors that play Quinn's dance crew — Bianca Asilo, Neil Robles, Tyler Hutchings, Indiana Mehta, and Nathaniel Scarlette — are so new to the industry that there isn't information available about their ages. Keep reading to see whose we do know, and yes . . . they're all in their 20s.

How Old Is Sabrina Carpenter, aka Quinn Ackerman? 21

How Old Is Jordan Fisher, aka Jake Taylor? 26

How Old Is Liza Koshy, aka Jasmine Hale? 24

How Old Is Drew Ray Tanner, aka Chris? 28

How Old Is Keiynan Lonsdale, aka Juilliard Pembroke? 28