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HoYeon Jung Hung Out With Squid Game Cast For Vogue

Watch HoYeon Jung Reunite With Her Squid Game Costars Over Wine and Food

HoYeon Jung might've been freakishly good at pickpocketing as Player 067 in Squid Game, but in real life, she gets her iced coffee, listens to music, and hangs out with friends just like the rest of us! The model-turned-actress is the latest celebrity to star in Vogue's "24 Hours" video franchise, where she took fans through her typical daily routine throughout Seoul, South Korea. HoYeon gushed over the achievements of the show, but candidly admitted that her entire life changed following its success. "In just one month, everything changed," she said. "At first, that was scary and I didn't know how to accept it. I just felt like I was floating, but I think I'm slowly getting used to it and feeling more grateful. And feeling excited for the future."

When she's not strutting down runways and posing for magazine covers, HoYeon is walking around Namsan Park with friends, hitting up her favorite local record store, and attempting the dalgona challenge, which she admitted would be where she would've died had she been a contestant on Squid Game. It's a beautifully intimate conversation with the actress, who also shared that her favorite song to listen to while filming the emotional marbles scene with Ji-yeong was "Reminiscence" by Sanulrim.

HoYeon's day was not complete without some good food and wine with friends, two of which just happened to be her costars! She linked up with Lee Yoo-mi and Kim Joo-Ryoung, who played Ji-yeong (Player 240) and Han Mi-nyeo (Player 212), respectively. How cute is this?! Check out the video of HoYeon Jung's 24 hours with Vogue above.

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