We're Convinced That the Cast of I Know What You Did Last Summer Are Real-Life Besties

The modern-day reboot of '90s horror classic I Know What You Did Last Summer is already off to a wild start! And based off the first few episodes that debuted on Amazon Prime on Oct. 15, we're not too sure we want any parts of the show's friend group. But unlike their dynamic in the new-age series, the castmates seem like besties in real life, based on their flood of Instagram photos together. From red carpet events to beach outings to days filming the show in Hawaii, this gorgeous cast — Madison Iseman (Lennon/ Alison), Brianne Tju (Margot), Ezekiel Goodman (Dylan), Ashley Moore (Riley), Sebastian Amoruso (Johnny), and Spencer Sutherland (Dale) — clearly doesn't miss a single moment to get together and have a good time. Keep reading to see some of the most adorable photos of the cast hanging out!