Roommates and Besties Iris Apatow and Olivia Rodrigo Love "Sex and the City" Marathons

You and your BFF might have something in common with best friends Olivia Rodrigo and Iris Apatow. While promoting her new comedy movie, "The Bubble," on "The Drew Barrymore Show" on March 25, Apatow revealed that she and Rodrigo have a TV-watching tradition that has withstood the test of time. While some people bond over "Insecure," "Friends," or scam-artist documentaries, Apatow and Rodrigo like to indulge in episodes of "Sex and the City."

In an interview with Vice in early 2021, Rodrigo said, "I think [Iris and I] are Carrie and Samantha from 'Sex and the City.' We are dramatic, fiercely loyal, and we both love going to brunch." For anyone who identifies as Carrie or Samantha or just loves taking "Sex and the City" quizzes, the news that Rodrigo and Apatow also can't get enough of the "SATC" crew is worth a Miranda and Samantha double "Yes!"

Apatow also told Barrymore that she and Rodrigo loved attending "Euphoria" watch parties with her friends while season two was airing to support her sister, Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi Howard. For many friends, bonding over movies and TV shows is a must, so it's nice to know that we'd be able to share our fan theories with Rodrigo and Apatow should we ever score an invitation to one of their hangouts.

A quick glance at their Instagram accounts is all the proof we need to know that the pair have a ton of behind-the-scenes fun when they're not scoring multiple award-season accolades or looking glam on the red carpet. Keep reading for all the details on Apatow and Rodrigo's adorable friendship, including that one time they got matching heart tattoos.

Where Did Iris Apatow and Olivia Rodrigo Meet?

Rodrigo and Apatow have never told the story of their first encounter, but their Instagram selfies — which feature tea parties and "Twilight" movie marathons — have left a trail of clues about their friendship. On June 29, 2021, Apatow attended Rodrigo's "Sour" prom while decked out in full "Sour" merch, but the pair were already bonding over their passion for 2000s pop culture — see: their matching "Dump Him" shirts inspired by Britney Spears — and their love for Edward Cullen months before the big night.

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Are Olivia Rodrigo and Iris Apatow Roommates?

While speaking with Barrymore, Apatow explained that she and Rodrigo are more than just best friends — they're also roommates. "What do I need to know about Olivia Rodrigo through her best friend's eyes?" Barrymore asked during their interview.

"Well, we live together, so we do everything [together]," Apatow said. "We have 'Sex and the City' movie nights. It just makes me happy. I also loved the reboot. I hope it comes back for season two. I miss Kim Cattrall — bring her back."

Do Iris Apatow and Olivia Rodrigo Have Matching Tattoos?

On March 23, Charlie D'Amelio posted a TikTok video of herself at a tattoo parlor with Rodrigo, Apatow, and Avani Gregg. The video, set to Pharrell Williams's "Just a Cloud Away," shows Apatow and Rodrigo getting matching heart tattoos on their pinky fingers, while D'Amelio and Gregg got matching smiley faces — just another indication of their adorable friendship.

Iris Apatow and Olivia Rodrigo Friendship Photos