Not Sure How I Ended Up Binging Funny Jake Gyllenhaal Interviews, but You Should Join Me

Getty | Kelly Sullivan

Somehow, I've fallen down the rabbit hole of watching Jake Gyllenhaal interviews on YouTube, and there's no way out. It's truly amazing how the 39-year-old actor can go from answering a question so seriously and eloquently to goofing around and cracking a few hilarious jokes. His press junkets with fellow costars, notably Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland, are especially comical. Case in point: Jake joking about Ryan wearing eyeliner in a Wired interview. There's also the time he impersonated Tom during a game of LADbible's "First Impressions," much to his castmate's chagrin.

Jake also recently made us smile on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, chatting about his love of homemade sourdough. Seriously, this man is a gift. Since his funniest interviews have given me so much joy, I figured I should share the wealth of laughs. Look ahead to indulge in the treasure that is Jake G.

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When Jake and Ryan Had One of the Most Chaotic Interviews Ever

Between getting distracted from the questions and falling out of their chairs in laughter, Jake and Ryan's chat with Fox 5 DC might be the best thing on the internet. You almost forget that they're there to promote their movie, Life. "This is such a useless interview, it's so great," Jake said. He's not wrong!

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When Jake Imitated Tom and a T-Rex

During an interview to promote Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom wasn't amused when Jake hilariously impersonated him, but he did enjoy Jake's passionate T-Rex performance.

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When Jake Fervently Defended Sean Paul's Honor

During a round of "Unpopular Opinions" on BBC Radio 1, Jake refused to accept any Sean Paul slander. When a caller said the Jamaican rapper is overrated, Jake wasted no time in disagreeing before mimicking Sean's ad-libs in the song "Cheap Thrills."

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When Jake and Ryan (Kind of) Answered the Web's Most Searched Questions

Jake and Ryan's Wired interview was basically six minutes of them teasing each other and making the funniest facial expressions.

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When Jake Had a Lovefest With His Homemade Sourdough

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Jake talked about his blossoming relationship with homemade sourdough, and it's the purest love we've ever seen.

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When Jake Went Off on a Tangent About "Benedict Cabbagepatch"

In another Spider-Man: Far From Home interview, this one for IGN, Jake and Tom read Marvel-related comments posted on the outlet's website. One fan wrote, "I wanna see jake gyllenhall vs benedict cabbagepatch," which prompted Jake to make up a bizarre backstory about Cabbage Patch Kids. Needless to say, Tom was very confused.

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When Jake Gave Dating Advice to a Toy Avocado

You know what, I'm just going to let you watch this video for yourself — I don't even know how to describe it.

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When Jake Raved About Not Wearing Socks While Filming Life

Ah, another disorderly Life press junket interview. Jake and Ryan had a hard time focusing during this discussion — not unlike the other ones, as we've seen — but they took a lot of interest in a particular question about socks. Their reactions are absolutely priceless.

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When Jake Gave an Award-Worthy Impression of Harrison Ford in The Fugitive

So much power and emotion — bravo!

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When Jake Kept Getting Distracted by Puppies During an Interview

As hard as he tried, Jake couldn't stop laughing while cuddling adorable puppies in an interview with BuzzFeed. Can you blame him, though?