Watch Jameela Jamil Pull Hidden Snacks Out of Her Cleavage and Promptly Become My Hero

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Jameela Jamil visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night and quickly became our hero as she pulled multiple snacks out of her ballgown. It was Jamil's first appearance on the late-night show, and the pair immediately launched into a conversation about her habit of hiding snacks in the depths of her gowns because, let's be honest, no one ever wants to be too far away from a delicious treat.

"Do you want some cheese?" she cheekily asked as she pulled string cheese from her cleavage, a habit that was first revealed on the Emmys red carpet on Sunday. "I've got some [snacks] up my bum . . . I've got some sort of yoghurt snack for you," she told Fallon, before pulling a "dried meat snack" from the, ahem, inside of her dress and tossing it onto his desk.

Once they had fully dissected the details of her snack choices and hiding places, the conversation moved to Jamil's Instagram movement I Weigh, which focuses on measuring a woman's worth based on her "contribution to society and you weigh the sum of all your parts, not in pounds and kilos." She continued, saying, "You can't measure a woman's worth on a weighing scale — that's ridiculous." Jamil then explained how her online community of almost one million people inspired her to create a petition, which low-key garnered 250,000 signatures in three days. This petition resulted in a collaboration with Instagram that banned diet teas, detox products, and cosmetic procedures being visible on minors' Instagram and Facebook accounts. Watch the full video above, then go treat yourself to a cheeky cheese snack.