12 Elements of Jared Padalecki's Wedding That We're About to Steal

After a whirlwind romance — they were only engaged for around two monthsSupernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese wed on February 27, 2010. Eight years later, the happy couple is still going strong, and they're now a family of five. Jared and Genevieve have three children: Thomas, Austin, and Odette.

Looking back, the couple, who met on the set of Supernatural, had a beautiful start to their married life thanks to a gorgeous wedding in Idaho that even came when a special surprise. Read on to find out more about the fairy-tale event that led to Jared and Genevieve becoming one of TV fans' favorite celebrity couples.

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  1. Their wedding was a Winter wonderland. Jared and Genevieve chose Sun Valley, ID, for their wedding locale because it's the bride's hometown, and both of them are big nature-lovers. They let the chilly mountain surroundings inspire the theme of their wedding by having the bridesmaids wear UGGs with their dresses and choosing blue, silver, and white as the event's colors. Because they wanted guests to be surrounded by nature, they were married inside of a clear tent.
  2. Genevieve made a special wish. In a June 2010 interview with Sun Valley Magazine, Genevieve revealed that she wanted to get married as the snow was falling, and nature made sure her wish came true. Despite an unusually dry Winter, the bride received a snowy surprise. She recalled, "Being from Sun Valley, I was really hoping the snow reports were true. I was doing my best snow dance to the gods. It was clear the entire week and even on the morning of our wedding day, and then — bam! — right around 4:30, the snow began to fall. So we consider it good luck and a blessing! It was definitely a white wedding."
  3. It was a family affair. Jared's brother served as his best man, while Genevieve's stepfather and her brother walked her down the aisle. The event was made all the more special by her grandfather's presence. He was in charge of officiating the ceremony.
  4. Jared proved to be a traditionalist. The Supernatural star didn't want to see his bride in her dress before the wedding, so they had all of their photos taken after the ceremony. He also asked her brother and step-father for permission before he proposed.
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  1. Jensen Ackles was in the wedding party. While Jared's real-life brother took on best man duties, his TV brother, Jensen, was one of his groomsmen.
  2. Genevieve wore white. In keeping with tradition, Genevieve wore a stunning white dress designed by Monique Lhuillier. Meanwhile, her bridesmaids wore navy blue dresses from the same designer.
  3. Their wedding cake would have made Frozen's Elsa proud. The couple kept the Winter theme going with a three-tiered cake that was covered in sparkly snowflakes.
  4. Jared brought a slice of Texas to Idaho. While their primary cake was an ode to the snowy mountains surrounding them, Jared's groom's cake paid homage to his home state. The fun dessert was shaped like Texas, which just goes to show how much he respects his roots.
  5. They had a special song written for them. Singer Brian Buckley wrote a song for the couple. Jared told Inside Weddings, "Our friend Brian Buckley sang an original song that he wrote for us, and Matthew Gregory, one of my groomsmen, sang as well. It was really personal and special."
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  1. Jared and Genevieve played mixologist. The couple designed their own special drinks for guests to sample at the reception. Sadly, there are no details about what went into the potent potables.
  2. The bride walked down the aisle wearing a special gift. Genevieve's something new came courtesy of her husband-to-be. According to Inside Weddings, Jared gave her a pair of diamond earrings to wear with her lace dress.
  3. They gave the guests what they really wanted. If you want to know exactly how awesome this couple is, then look no further than the gift they gave their guests as they headed home after the big event. Every wedding guest left with doughnuts and milk — a perfect end to a cozy wedding that was all about family and warmth.