Jason Momoa Surprised Lisa Bonet by Restoring Her First Car, and Her Reaction Made Me Teary

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Jason Momoa is giving Lisa Bonet a gift full of cherished memories. On Tuesday, the Aquaman actor revealed that he'd been secretly working on a very special project: restoring his wife's 1964 Mustang. "This is the first car she ever bought," he explained in a YouTube video. "It's one of three ever made and it has a lot of custom parts to it."

"I know we can't relive a memory, but maybe we can rebuild one."

"I know we can't relive a memory, but maybe we can rebuild one," Jason mused in the video, reflecting on the car's previously beat-up state. He worked with the craftsmen at Divine 1 Customs in Las Vegas to return the vehicle to its previous glory — or perhaps even better. "I never thought that it would look like this," he admitted, after seeing the completed rebuild.

His disbelief is practically nothing compared to Lisa's. When Jason and their two kids — Nakoa-Wolf, 11, and Lola, 13 — delivered her surprise, she appeared incredibly moved by the nostalgic gesture. "It's beautiful. Holy cow," Lisa said. "That is gorgeous. Oh my gosh. It's pristine, not too flashy but just enough."

The surprise ended in a cute kiss between the couple, before they left hand in hand to take the car for a ride. Watch the video above to see Lisa's sweet shock (and Jason's pride at pulling it off!) in action.