Jennifer Garner Tries Every Trending Self-Isolation Challenge, and We're Tired Just Watching Her

If you've spent any time scrolling on Instagram this past week, you've likely seen the challenges being set to encourage others to stay active and stay at home. Of course, it's not just our own friends taking part, celebrities are getting in on the action, too. So far, we've seen the press-up challenge, the "I stay at home for" challenge, and the handwashing challenge.

But all of these challenges can add up on our to-do list, especially if you're in high demand like Jennifer Garner. So she did what any smart, multitasking woman would do — she filmed them all in one go. To be honest, we're tired just watching her.

Jennifer first starts with the press-up challenge, followed by the "I stay home for" challenge (which is where her tactics got interesting) while washing her hands at the same time, and finally, she snapped a quick selfie for "women supporting women." The best part? They were all completed in 30 seconds.

Next time you're tagged in multiple challenges during this time of social distancing, why not try and complete them all at once?