Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Are in a "Family Feud" After This Fun Relationship Quiz

You may see "couple challenges" floating around Instagram Stories and TikTok lately, and now Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are getting in on the fun. On Tuesday, the power couple went head-to-head for a video on Alex's social media accounts where they tested their relationship knowledge: Who initiated the first kiss? Who is more stubborn? Who's the better cook?

Jennifer and Alex have gotten to know each other pretty well since they started dating over three years ago. In the video, they are able to quickly agree on some things — like who takes longer to get ready in the morning — but they passionately disagree about others. I guess we'll never really know who apologizes first after a fight, who is the most patient, or who said "I love you" first. It makes sense why Alex captioned the clip, "Family feud 😅❤️." Some things are just subjective, I guess! Watch the cute challenge ahead, and then make sure you check out the couple's awesome "Flip the Switch" challenge.