Why Yes, of Course J Lo and ARod Completely Nailed the "Flip the Switch" Challenge

Ya know, I was about to grab a friend and attempt the viral "Flip the Switch" challenge, but then Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went ahead and totally nailed it, so now I'm just gonna sit back and let them soak up the limelight. The power couple teamed up to take on the popular TikTok trend, which requires two people to dance in front of a mirror to Drake's 2018 song "Nonstop" and swap clothing and positions when the lyric "I just flipped the switch" plays.

Wearing a white backless dress and Gucci belt, J Lo showed off some sexy dance moves while her fiancé, sporting a navy blue jacket and sunglasses, casually recorded the first portion of the challenge on his iPhone. As soon as they exchanged outfits, ARod started hilariously mimicking J Lo's moves — yes, even rocking her silver hoop earrings! — while trying to contain his laughter as Jennifer somehow managed to keep a straight face.

When Alex shared the hysterical clip on Instagram, he captioned it, "Late night Tiktoks." We just really love the thought of these two lovebirds spending their Sunday evening cooped up in a bathroom and perfecting the challenge together. We need to see the outtakes ASAP!