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Celebrities on TikTok

As If You Didn't Love TikTok Enough, These Celebrities Are Making It Even Better


pov: you wake up your new robot and set it to tik tok mode but it starts having a lil too much fun🤖 ib: theanagarrett

♬ BDASH Breathe - bdash_2

TikTok is one of those apps you may first download as a joke, but then you find yourself slowly getting addicted to it by spending endless hours scrolling through the For You page. You could even start making them just hoping that you end up being TikTok famous. Along with famous "TikTokers," celebrities have also found the app, where they can post concert videos, promos for new music, or makeup transitions or even take part in the latest trends going around the app. Browse through our gallery to see what celebs are taking over TikTok, and be sure to follow POPSUGAR on TikTok!

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