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Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down a Day in Her Life on Hustlers Set

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Daily Schedule, and Wow, the Hustle Sounds Exhausting

Jennifer Lopez hustles to get everything done in a day, even if that means only getting two hours of sleep. The 50-year-old Hustlers actress recently broke down her daily on-set schedule for a Vanity Fair video, and boy, I feel utterly exhausted by default. When she filmed Hustlers, Jennifer packed in as much as she could during the 29-day shoot. She fully committed to the process, which included detailed hair and makeup and intense pole dancing training. "When you're doing a movie, it pretty much consumes your life," Jennifer said. "You get just a few hours to yourself to rejuvenate and sleep, and try to be your best the next day."

Despite all the movie madness, Jennifer also made her personal life a priority. She kept herself available for her 11-year-old twins Max and Emme and fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and although she'd sometimes hit the hay around 3:45 a.m., she knew the importance of a good night's sleep. Watch the full video above to see a demanding day in Jennifer's life — and give her the damn Oscar nom already!

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