John Travolta Loves Supporting His Kids on Social Media

John Travolta's kids may have just as much star power as their dad, which is why John constantly supports them on social media, regularly sharing glimpses of their achievements and holidays together.

His 23-year-old daughter, Ella Travolta, made her New York Fashion Week debut in the Karl Lagerfeld runway show in 2022, and he couldn't have been any prouder. The actor celebrated her achievement on Instagram, writing, "So proud of Ella's debut at fashion week in New York City!"

John married Ella's mom, Kelly Preston, in 1991 and they were married for 28 years before she died of breast cancer at age 57 in 2020. Apart from Ella, John and Preston welcomed two sons together, Benjamin and Jett, who died at 16 after having a seizure during a family vacation in 2009.

John has been open about supporting his kids through tragedy. "[Benjamin] said to me once, 'Because mom passed away, I'm afraid you're going to,'" he recalled on a 2021 episode of Hart to Heart. "I said, 'Well, it's a very different thing.' And I went through the differences about my longevity and her limited life. I said, 'But you know, Ben . . . you always love the truth, and I'm going to tell you the truth about life. Nobody knows when they're gonna go or when they're going to stay. Your brother [Jett] left at 16. Too young. Your mother left at 57. That was too young. But who's to say? I could die tomorrow. You could. Anybody can. So let's look at it like it's part of life. You don't know exactly, you just do your best at trying to live the longest you can."

Ahead, learn more about John's kids.


Jett Travolta

John Travolta's first child, Jett, was born on April 13, 1992. He began suffering seizures at the age of 2 when he was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome, which can cause inflammation in blood vessels, per the Mayo Clinic. He died on Jan. 2, 2009, per People, after having a seizure and hitting his head on a bathtub in the Bahamas.

John shared a tribute to his first child on what would've been his birthday in April 2022, writing, "My dearest Jetty, I miss you more than words can say. I think about you everyday. Happy Birthday. Love, your Dad."


Ella Bleu Travolta

Ella Bleu Travolta was born on April 30, 2000. She's followed in her father's artistic footsteps, releasing her debut single, "Dizzy," in January. She's also diving into modeling, appearing in her first New York Fashion Week show in September.

In a sweet Instagram tribute to her father on his 68th birthday in February, Ella wrote, "Happy Birthday to my role model, my best friend, the person who has taught me one of the most valuable lessons in life, kindness. I love you with all my heart, Daddy."


Benjamin Travolta

John's youngest son, Benjamin, was born on Nov. 23, 2010. His dad frequently shares photos of his son's athletic skills on Instagram. "Ben just achieved a level 3 ninja and I'm so proud," he wrote in August alongside a reel of his son's impressive climbing abilities.


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