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Watch Keke Palmer's Shakira Impression on The Tonight Show

Keke Palmer's Uncanny Shakira Impression Has Us Asking, "What *Can't* She Do?!"

Keke Palmer's list of talents is officially longer than a CVS receipt — and we all know how endless those tend to be. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, the Hustlers actress showed off her uncanny knack for impersonating fellow celebrities, and each one had us doing an open-mouthed double — nay, triple — take. Keke kicked things off by mimicking Angela Bassett playing the role of Michael Jackson's mom in The Jacksons: An American Dream, and her exaggerated mouth and shoulder movements were so spot-on, host Jimmy Fallon jumped up from his seat in surprise, much like we did while watching from home.

Next up came the real treat: Keke's impression of Shakira, which was fittingly unleashed as a cover of the singer's 2001 track "Whenever, Wherever." The 28-year-old star completely nailed Shakira's distinctive voice, with Jimmy describing her performance as both "phenomenal" and "unbelievable." The best part? Shakira herself approved of Keke's impersonation, writing on Twitter, ".@KekePalmer! You are so cute! I'm dying!" All in favor of Keke hosting Saturday Night Live ASAP, please say, "Aye!"

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