This Video of Lizzo Running Into the Ocean Proves That She Is Really 100% That B*tch

Lizzo is living her best life — and we're completely here for it! After headlining American Express's UNSTAGED concert in Miami on Saturday night, the "Good as Hell" singer posted an Instagram video of herself running into the ocean . . . and it came with some unexpected sage advice. "LIVE LIKE YOU ARE *THAT BITCH* NOT LIKE UR BECOMING *THAT BITCH* - RUN INTO THE OCEAN HOE… U DESERVE IT❤️‍🔥" she captioned the video.

The special one-night-only performance marked Lizzo's first time taking the stage in two years. "I felt like I was going to be rusty, but it's almost like second nature," she told People about returning to the stage. "I've learned to trust myself and trust my body again. My confidence was shook a little bit over this time, like, 'Will people care? Are people going to show up?' They proved me wrong. I got my confidence back." Check out the Instagram clip below!