Lizzo Shared an Emotional Video About Fame, Fortune, and the Myth They Lead to Happiness

Lizzo is calling out society's conflation of wealth and well-being. The singer recently shared a candid TikTok video explaining how mental health issues or feelings of low self-worth aren't solved by fame or financial success. "I'm just logging on to say you can be the coolest, most richest person ever and it doesn't buy you f*cking happiness," Lizzo said. "Money doesn't buy you happiness. Fame only puts a magnifying glass on the sh*t that you already have."

Lizzo shared the video while vacationing in some scenic, undisclosed destination. And though one might assume she's currently having the time of her life, Lizzo said feeling unhappy in "situations where it doesn't even seem valid" only leads to shame and guilt. "It f*cks you up even more because you feel super f*cking ungrateful," she said.

"Do the inner work."

Lizzo ended her emotional video with a sobering PSA: "Anyone who has internal issues, or has any type of self problems that they need to work out: work [it] out now because money, fame, or success, or even getting older, doesn't really fix that sh*t. You need to just do it. Do the inner work. Do the inner work, because no matter where you are, it's always going to haunt you like a f*cking ghost." She added, "I'm working on it too, but today is just not a good day, and I just want everybody to know that it's OK to not have a good day even when it seems like you should."

This isn't the first time Lizzo has opened up about mental health and her experience with depression. In a video shared last year, she spoke about the humbling nature of sadness and said, "I know that because of this sadness, I'm going to be able to feel joy." Earlier this year, as COVID-19 began to spread in the US, Lizzo also led her millions of followers through a 30-minute guided meditation. "It's a scary time for a lot of people, and even I was experiencing some fear," she said at the time. "We have power. You have power. You have power to eliminate fear."