Maddie Ziegler Made a Hauntingly Beautiful Dance Video, and I Can't Stop Watching

Maddie Ziegler has been absolutely thriving since her early days on Dance Moms, and the 16-year-old dancer just mesmerized us all again with her incredible dancing and acting skills. In a hauntingly beautiful video shared to her Instagram account on Monday, Maddie and hip-hop dancer Phillip Chbeeb delivered a dance routine reminiscent of Sia's "Elastic Heart" video where she transformed into a full-on rag doll (if rag dolls had the most amazing dance moves ever). How does she do that?!

Maddie really pushed herself out of her comfort zone with this new routine, set to the tune of Kaleo's "Can't Go on Without You," and proved that her skills have only gotten better as the years have gone by. "I've been a fan of @phillipchbeeb for a long time so I was so excited to dive in!" Maddie captioned the video. "Thank you for pushing me far out of my comfort zone. It was a very uncomfortable, challenging experience but so worth it! Can't wait to try many more times. Thank you Phillip!! I'm grateful."