7 Facts About Chloe Bennet, Who Plays Blossom in the Powerpuff Girls Remake

A live-action remake of The Powerpuff Girls has recently begun filming, and I'm so excited — especially to see Chloe Bennet, who plays Blossom. When I was little, Blossom was the character I always wanted to be. And now, after learning more about Chloe, I'm even more thrilled. From her sense of humor to her activism to her creativity, Chloe is someone I want to see more of and admire. To learn about who she is before the remake comes out, read ahead. Once you see Chloe's unique Halloween costumes, advocacy for racial justice, and dating tips, you'll realize how she's sugar, spice, and everything nice — just like Blossom.

Her Real Name Is Chloe Wang

"Changing my name doesn't change the fact that my blood is half Chinese, that I lived in China, speak Mandarin or that I was culturally raised both American and Chinese," Chloe wrote on Instagram, according to NPR. "It means I had to pay my rent, and Hollywood is racist and wouldn't cast me with a last name that made them uncomfortable. I'm doing everything I can with the platform I have to make sure no one has to change their name again just to get work."

She Has a Unique Dating Strategy

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Chloe joked she thinks she's good at dating, but others disagree. She then explained how she tests a date's character, and it's definitely unique!

"A big thing that I always do on dates is . . . without fail, every time, I put food in my teeth on purpose, and then you sit there out on the date and you can judge anything you need to know about a person by how they react to sh*t in your teeth," she said. Hey, she's not wrong!

She Was a Successful Pop Star in China

Chloe got a call about becoming a pop star in China — while sitting in geometry class! "I was in the Second City improv group and taking voice lessons. . . . And so that teacher connected me to a producer who works with Avril Lavigne and all these people in China, and somehow they just were like, 'Hey, do you want to be a pop star in China?'" Chloe said in an interview with POPSUGAR. Excited about the opportunity, she said yes!

She's Passionate About Taking the Shame Away From Health Challenges

In an Instagram post, Chloe shared how she's been ashamed to discuss her experience with endometriosis, but wants to speak up now. She knows health challenges are nothing to be ashamed of and that conversations like this are necessary.

"It took finding an incredible doctor who could not only validate my symptoms with an immense amount of knowledge on the disease, but most importantly she encouraged me to be absolutely shameless about it. . . . I feel like we need to talk about it," she wrote. "Normalize the conversation. Feel no shame."

She Dresses Up in Creative, Silly Costumes on Halloween

As someone who's dressed up as Donald Trump Jr., garden soil, and actual trash (yup!), Chloe will probably never see someone else wearing the same costume on Halloween. "My favorite part about Halloween is getting to dress up sexy," she wrote in an Instagram caption under a picture of her wearing a bag of garden soil — LOL.

She Got to Throw the First Pitch at a Chicago Cubs Game

Since she was born in Chicago, Chloe was thrilled to throw the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game. While she may not be the next all-star, she's also not afraid to laugh at herself about it. "I think I'm gonna quit acting and now play baseball because I almost got the ball past home plate," she wrote in an Instagram caption.

She's an Aries

Born on April 18, 1992, Chloe is an Aries. This means she's probably strong, loyal, and self-reliant ー which all perfectly fit her role as Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls! We love to see it.