Meghan Markle Eats Like a Chipmunk, Drinks From a Baby Bottle For Hysterical Hidden-Camera Prank

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Meghan Markle is nothing if not unwaveringly dedicated. For her surprise appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, the Duchess of Sussex specifically requested that she and Ellen team up for a hidden-camera prank, and not once did she hesitate to execute the absurd actions Ellen requested through a concealed earpiece. For the skit, Meghan and a show writer Ellen renamed Pwamma for the occasion visited a group of street vendors selling various items on the Warner Bros. studio lot.

The chaos kicked off instantly when Meghan approached a retailer and said, with a completely straight face, "I have healing powers. Can you feel my powers?," before chanting with a giant crystal pressed to her forehead. She went on to eat both hot-sauce-covered chips and a cookie like a skittish chipmunk, nonchalantly drink milk from a baby bottle, and tell a punchline-less joke about an elephant, all while repeatedly calling herself "mommy." To be frank, this is the most entertaining content we've been treated to all week. Watch Meghan's hysterical prank in full above, and prepare to have her hit single "I'm a Kitten, Mew Mew Mew" stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.