Michelle Obama Tells Zendaya She's Proud of Her as They Encourage Everyone to Vote

On Tuesday, Michelle Obama and Zendaya teamed up for When We All Vote's "Registered and Ready" Instagram takeover to encourage everyone to get out and vote. Before they got started, Michelle couldn't pass up an opportunity to congratulate Zendaya on her historic Emmy win, saying, "You're winning Emmys and encouraged voter participation. You are a fashion icon. You are doing it all, and I'm so proud of you." The pair then discussed the importance voting in the upcoming election and how it would affect young people specifically.

Michelle took a moment to speak to Zendaya's generation saying, "A lot of people your age . . . are frustrated with the process and feel alienated by the system." With Zendaya adding, "Sometimes we procrastinate — and I wanted to talk about the importance of not waiting until the last minute," in reference to making voting plans and looking up polling places ahead of time. "Nothing will change just by a hashtag or protest," Michelle stated. "In this democracy, the only thing that matters is what you do on Election Day . . . I just want to make sure young people understand that. Don't ever stop using social media and the hashtag to get your points across. You just have to couple that with voting, too." You can watch their full talk above.