25 Reasons Miles Robbins, Hollywood Royalty, Is Your New Internet Boyfriend

Actor-musician Miles Guthrie Robbins is many things, and his Instagram is no different. In real life, he's an actor (think the Halloween reboot, Blockers), musician (he's part of the Pow Wow Family Band), the son of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, and he discusses serious topics such as the constraint of gender roles. While his Instagram goes into everything from politics to promo, on the whole, it showcases more of the 27-year-old's witty, visual humor — and the fact that he's adorable while doing it doesn't hurt, either. As we get excited to see him in Netflix's new holiday romance film, Let It Snow, check out his absolute cutest Instagrams.

When He Posed With His Own Wig

When This Collection of Toys Made Him Soft

When He Dined at the Best Restaurant in All of Italy

When His Long Hair Plus Motorcycle Equaled Instant Bad Boy

When He Found a Mouse

And When He Knew Just How Mickey Mouse Rolled

When He Showed the World How to Grow Facial Hair

When He Felt a Little Crabby

When He Needed Bigger Cats

When He Showed All of His Different Sides

When He Created His Own Disco Ball

And When He Was a Poké Ball

When He Did the Peace Sign

When He Looked Like He Was Poking His Head Through a Slice of Swiss Cheese

When He Had the Jokes of a Middle Schooler and We Laughed Anyway

When He Posed With This Owl

And When He Posed With This Giant Fruit and Acted Like a Tourist

When Nothing Was Funny and He Just Looked Like the Smokin' Musician He Is

When He Waved From the Water

And When He Waved From Canada

When He Invented the Man Bun-Tuxedo Combo

And When His Long Hair Flowed Like The Lucious Fabio He Is