Miley Cyrus Has Been a Pet Mom For Years — Here's What We Know About Her Pups

Miley Cyrus has long been well-known as an animal-lover and advocate, adopting numerous pets over the years, including dogs, cats, fish, horses, and pigs. She's had so many pets, in fact, that it's nearly impossible to keep track of how many she currently owns, especially as she doesn't regularly share photos of her animals on social media (and due to her deleting everything on her account up to July 2018, many old photos are no longer available).

Keep scrolling to see what we do know about her current canine crew, including her late dog, Mary Jane, who passed away at the beginning of the year.


Miley adopted her chihuahua mix, Bean, in January 2013. She announced Bean's adoption on Twitter, sharing a photo captioned, "Meet Bean," and later a tweet that read: "Bean is a little girl :) she is a chihuahua mix of some type :) she brought so much sunshine!!!"

Emu (Pictured Left)
Instagram | mileycyrus

Emu (Pictured Left)

In June 2014, Miley adopted her Shetland sheepdog, Emu, two months after the passing of her Alaskan klee kai, Floyd.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Miley wrote: "I welcomed Emu Coyne Cyrus into the family a couple days ago. Been keepin him a secret cause sometimes I'm weird like that. It's taken some time to be ready for this next step and loving again. There will never be anyone like Floyd. There was a bond that was so deep it's irreplaceable but that's not what I am trying to do. Never will I replace Floyd and that's something I had to take time to understand. we had a very special memorial service for Floyd and I felt my angel Floydy give Emu his blessing. I prayed to Floyd to just give him a touch of his awesomeness and he has. He is so special and different than my baby Floyd and I think Floyd did that on purpose. But sometimes he does little things that remind me of him and it makes me smile I'm blissed [out] right now. I feel like this is a new beginning in so many ways. I feel a change coming on."

In 2017, Miley added to her growing tattoo collection with a portrait of Emu, done by famous tattoo artist Doctor Woo (pictured ahead).


In March 2020, Miley brought home a shepherd mix she named Bo (after her dad Billy Ray Cyrus's high-school nickname). The pup was adopted from The Wagmor Luxury Spa, Hotel & Rescue, which shared a sweet post about Bo's adoption in the days after he was brought home.

"If you don't know, Miley is a huge animal advocate and a long time client of Wagmor. She has adopted from us previously and has shared with plenty of her friends to adopt from us as well!" Wagmor's post caption read. "Our goal at The Wagmor is to help our clients with their pup needs whether that's daycare, boarding and grooming and to help these rescues find their forever homes! And she has been one of celebrities that has helped us in that mission and we couldn't be more grateful."

Angel (Pictured Right)

In February 2021, Miley added another pup to the crew, a pit bull named Angel. She was adopted just two months after Miley's rescued pit bull mix, Mary Jane, passed away.

In her adoption announcement post for Angel, Miley wrote: "Mary Jane defined loyalty and would never break a promise. I feel her here with me blessing this new member to my family who's name is 'Angel' because she was delivered to me by one... My Mary. It breaks my heart to know Angel was sleeping on concrete in a shelter for 3 months before finally making it home. The stigma and stereotype that surrounds pit bulls tears me in two. This breed is incomparably loving. Just like humans nurture often overrides nature."

She added: "I am head over heels in love. Not sure I will ever sleep again because I can't take my eyes off of her! Her halo shines for all to see and I can't wait to show her off! It's pretty cool having an Angel on a leash! She is illuminated by the aura of the late and great Mary Jane. Long live love. It never dies."

Mary Jane

Miley adopted her pit bull mix, Mary Jane, in 2012 and sadly lost the beloved dog to cancer in January 2021. Following her passing, Miley released a song in honor of MJ, called "Mary Jane 5EVR."

"I wrote this song in Malibu years ago on a piano in a house that no longer exists. About my dog Mary Jane who is also gone now. A lot has changed over time. Mostly me," Miley wrote in an Instagram caption. "Music is my medicine. This song revolves around loss & heartache. Which I am currently experiencing after Mary Jane's passing. MJ was a true queen. She wore her grace, dignity & kindness like a crown. She will never be forgotten and will forever be missed. To know her is to love her. It has been my honor being her mom and best friend."

In December 2017, Miley visited tattoo artist Doctor Woo again to get another dog portrait, this time of Mary Jane, on her right arm (pictured ahead).