Mindy Kaling Gives a Lesson in Gen Z Slang, and We're Laughing Over Her "Take an L" Definition

We can always count on Mindy Kaling for a good laugh, and this time she's giving us a lesson in Gen Z slang. In promotion of her Never Have I Ever series, Mindy shared a hilarious Instagram video on Monday, in which she explains the meaning of some popular millennial words and phrases. To be fair, she totally knows what "lewk" and "snatched" mean, however, I don't think she'll be using the phrase "take an L" anytime soon. "Is it like take a chill pill?" she asks. "An 'L' is a new kind of drug that I don't know about that young people are taking?" If you need a laugh today, watch the video above now, and then check out the time she learned British slang from Emma Thompson.