The Cast of Never Have I Ever Brought the Show to Life With Their #NeverFitIn TikTok Challenge

Never Have I Ever has made the jump from screen to real life in a way that would certainly make Devi Vishwakumar proud, with a new TikTok Challenge inspired by the Netflix series. On Tuesday, Mindy Kaling posted a clip from the show along with TikTok versions from Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Devi), Lee Rodriguez (Fab), and Ramona Young (Eleanor), asking people to tag her in their own versions.

The challenge is certainly something the trio would've gotten in on in an attempt to gain popularity during their sophomore year (and get the attention of the school's hottie, Paxton). If anything, it's yet another reason why the show is so relatable. It wouldn't be a true challenge if it wasn't difficult, so here's Maitreyi blessing us all with a blooper (which also suggests Devi and crew took a few takes to get their dance right, even if they posted a version with a few "mistakes" left in).