If You Miss the Original Dance Moms Squad, Don't Worry: You Can Find Them on YouTube

YouTube users Chloe Lukasiak Nia Sioux and Maddie Ziegler
YouTube users Chloe Lukasiak Nia Sioux and Maddie Ziegler

The original Dance Moms stars might have moved on from the reality show, but they're still giving fans a peek into their lives on YouTube. Stars such as Chloé Lukasiak, Nia Sioux, and Maddie Ziegler often use the platform to connect with fans and share some of the fun happenings in their lives. From "Get Ready With Me" videos to vacation vlogs to Dance Moms cast reunions, the young talents are living their best lives and taking us along for the ride. Keep reading to learn more about their channels!

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Chloé Lukasiak

Chloé is one of the more active YouTubers. Her videos range from makeup tutorials to apartment tours and shopping hauls.

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Brooke Hyland's YouTube Channel

If you have a travel bug, Brooke's channel is for you. Her videos typically showcase her adventures around the world, including trips to Spain, NYC, and Chicago. Brooke's sister Paige, who was also an original member of the Abby Lee Dance Company, has a YouTube channel, as well, but she's not as active.

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Nia Sioux's YouTube Channel

Nia's channel centers around fashion, fitness, music videos, and Q&As. She also documents fun reunions with her Dance Moms pals.

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Kendall Vertes's YouTube Channel

When Kendall isn't sharing her beauty routines, she's posting behind-the-scenes footage of her musical projects and hangouts with friends.

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Maddie Ziegler's YouTube Channel

Maddie's video are typically "Get Ready With Me" clips and fashion-related. She also sometimes shares behind-the-scenes moments from photo shoots and makeup tutorials.

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Kenzie Ziegler's YouTube Channel

Kenie also shares her beauty routines, but a lot of her videos are music-oriented. She's still heavily involved in singing, creating music videos, and dancing.

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Brynn Rumfallo's YouTube Channel

Brynn uses her channel to give product reviews, share helpful dancing tips, and post fun videos with friends.

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JoJo Siwa's YouTube Channel

JoJo's YouTube is as eclectic as she is. She often posts behind-the-scenes clips of her touring, dancing, promoting merchandise, and casually babysitting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North.

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Asia Monet Ray's YouTube Channel

Asia's platform addresses a range of topics (beauty, fitness, travel), but her musical covers are definitely some of the best videos on the channel.

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Camryn Bridges's YouTube Channel

Camryn is new to the YouTube scene and has started uploading videos about her life now, as well as her previous Dance Moms experience.

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