Meet Randall and Jae Suh Park's Adorable Daughter, Ruby

Randall Park is a comedy icon, but he's not just an actor and funnyman: he's a dad, too! Ruby Park, born in 2012, is the daughter of Park and his wife, fellow actor Jae Suh Park.

Randall is famous for playing another dad on television — Louis Huang in "Fresh Off the Boat" — and Ruby was born three years before he landed the role. From the sound of things, the part actually helped Randall to be a better father in real life. "I was so lucky to be playing this particular character during that time in my life and my daughter's life because it really served as a model for me to work hard but also to never forget to spend time with family," Randall told StarLifestyle in 2020. Louis, he said, reminded him of what really matters. "He's very connected to his wife and children. He has a very positive outlook on life and he's just so full of love," he said. "I've never played a role for that long. I will carry him with me for the rest of my life."

As of 2022, Randall is starring in a slightly less fatherly role, playing the very single Timmy Yoon on Netflix's "Blockbuster," out Nov. 3. But while his character is struggling to keep the last Blockbuster afloat and nursing a decades-long crush on a fellow employee, Randall's real family life seems to be going strong.

At 10 years old, Ruby is still too young to have developed a major public persona for herself, and her parents seem to be prioritizing giving her a "normal" childhood without the worries of the spotlight. Still, they occasionally share details and pictures of their beautiful family — here's what we do know from what they've chosen to share.

Ruby Louise Park

Ruby Park, born in May 2012, is the first and, so far, only child of Randall and Jae Suh. At an early age, Ruby got to "act" alongside her parents: she starred as a crime-fighting baby superhero in "Baby Mentalist," a comedy webseries that her father created back in 2013.

In a 2014 interview with LA Weekly, Ruby apparently showed off her big personality, even though she wasn't even 2 years old yet! "She quietly leads [her parents] from the family room (where she flips through her picture books), to her playroom (where she rocks the keyboard while using her drum as a stool), and finally to the master bedroom, where, snuggled in between two pillows twice the size of her body, she entertains herself by clicking through YouTube videos on Jae's tablet. ('She once flagged a kid's video for adult content,' Jae says)," writer Ada Tseng noted.

In 2020, Jae Suh shared that Ruby is on the autism spectrum in an interview with People. "She is on the spectrum and she has a lot of sensory needs. For a really long time, she couldn't go to a public bathroom because of the echoes and the dryers," her mom said. She went on to promote her work with the nonprofit Kulture City, which helped install spaces in SoFi Stadium designed specifically for people on the autism spectrum.

For the most part, though, as Ruby has grown up, her parents have kept her pretty much away from the public gaze. Randall doesn't have an Instagram, but his wife Jae Suh does, and she's shared a couple of cute pictures of dad and daughter over the years.

Photos of Randall Park's Daughter, Ruby