Robert Sheehan Is My All-Time Celeb Crush, and He'll be Yours Too After You See These Photos

If you haven't seen Netflix's The Umbrella Academy yet, you should really fix that. Irish actor Robert Sheehan is an absolute standout amongst the cast. However, it's not just the 32-year-old's superb acting skills that earned him the title of my all-time celebrity crush. No, what truly put him over the top was his biting wit, unique fashion sense, and his Irish charm. His personality shines through in almost everything he's done, which is probably the reason why his characters are often singled out as fan-favorites (we see you, Nathan Young on Misfits). It also probably helps that you could get lost in his eyes for hours and his smile is absolutely adorable. If I haven't fully sold you on the Robert factor yet, then the below photos ought to change your mind.