The Umbrella Academy Is Back in Time to Save the World (Again) in Season 2's Trippy Trailer

We know better than to expect anything to go right when it comes to the Hargreeves, but even this is too much! The trailer for season two of The Umbrella Academy finally dropped on July 8, and it looks like things have only gotten trippier since that ominous season one finale. Five did warn his family that his powers can get a little wonky (as if his adolescent appearance isn't enough of a warning!).

When the space and time traveler used his powers to save his family from the Vanya-induced apocalypse in 2019, he ended up scattering them back in time around Dallas, TX. The siblings get separated throughout three years starting in 1960 with the belief that each one is the only Hargreeves to survive. Luther's illegally boxing, Diego is trapped in an asylum, Allison is thick in the Civil Rights Movements, Klaus has started a cult (and Ben is still sick of his sh*t), and Vanya is . . . seemingly living her best life, honestly. Five is the last one to land and, of course, finds himself in the middle of a nuclear doomsday, which — again — seems to involve his siblings. Now he has to find a way to get his siblings back together, figure out what caused the end of the world (again!), stop it, and return to their original timeline to stop another apocalypse. That is if they're not killed by the vicious Swedish trio hunting them down first. So, no pressure!

Watch the trailer above and take a look at some photos from the season ahead before The Umbrella Academy drops on July 31!

Photos From The Umbrella Academy Season 2

Photos From The Umbrella Academy Season 2

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