The Seahawks Did the "Bye Bye Bye" Dance After a Touchdown, and *NSYNC Totally Approved

In the NFL, there are touchdown celebrations, and then there are *NSYNC touchdown celebrations, which are obviously in a category of their own. On Sunday afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks celebrated an impressive touchdown by re-creating the dance moves from the boy band's "Bye Bye Bye" music video, and it had the crowd going wild. After Jaron Brown's 17-yard touchdown catch in the game against the Cleveland Browns, the wide receivers of the team got in formation and broke out the choreography to celebrate, and *NSYNC approved. "The judges scores . . . 10 - 10 - 10 - 10 - 10," the band wrote on Twitter applauding the team.

Over the last few years, touchdown celebrations have become a point of contention in the league. While the players love to show off their excitement after a big play, this year it was ruled that only players in uniform can partake in the celebration or there will be "a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct." Well, there is nothing unsportsmanlike about a little choreographed dance routine, and if Justin Timberlake approves, so should the league! Just saying: if all touchdowns were celebrated with a '90s boy band dance, I'd be watching a lot more football. Check out the awesome video above.