24 Times Stella Hudgens Perfected the Art of Instagram

There has been no shortage of child actors and actresses in Hollywood, and many of them have grown up to become some very talented trendsetters — Stella Hudgens is no exception. Having a cool older sister (Vanessa Hudgens) probably doesn't hurt, but Stella has really forged her own path to notoriety. At just 7 years old, Stella made her first television appearance in the series American Family. Now at 22 years old, the actress has become a style icon and maven of social media. Stella's Instagram account shows off her keen fashion sense, fun personality, and glamorous lifestyle. If you're looking for some major Insta-spiration, scroll through to see some of her best posts and admire along with us.

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When She Drove Straight Into Our Hearts

When She Made Us Crave a Cocktail... Solely in a Hot Tub

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When She Showed Up With the Vintage Vibes

When She Took a Selfie That Reminded Us of the Star She Truly Is

When She Matched With Her Dog and Melted Our Hearts

When We Almost Didn't Notice the Horse in This Pic Because of Her Perfect Winged Liner

When She Casually Upstaged the Eiffel Tower

When She Won Coachella

When She Made a Literal Bathrobe Look Like Couture

When She Stunned Us With This Black and White Moment

When She Made a Headscarf Look Even More Adorable Than We Thought Was Possible

When She Wore This Dress With a Slit and It Was LIT