Is Taylor John Smith From "Where the Crawdads Sing" Single or Taken?


Taylor John Smith made his big-screen debut with 2012's "The Hunger Games," and since then, he's garnered a dozen acting credits with his astonishing performances. From HBO's hit psychological thriller "Sharp Objects" and the war-action movie "The Outpost" to his latest appearance as Kya's love interest, Tate Walker, in the Reese Witherspoon-produced "Where the Crawdads Sing," the 27-year-old actor has a knack for breathing life into characters that originally graced the pages of novels. Despite being under the spotlight for a decade, Smith's romantic history remains shrouded in mystery for the most part. Here's everything we know about the actor's public love interests throughout the years.

Taylor John Smith and Jamie Villamor (2017-2019)
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Taylor John Smith and Jamie Villamor (2017-2019)

Smith started dating fitness model Jamie Villamor sometime in 2017. Though the pair remained relatively private about their relationship, they made rare appearances now and then. The 40-year-old model supported her then-beau by accompanying Smith to the Los Angeles premiere of "Sharp Objects" in 2018. Villamor left a gushing comment on the actor's Instagram, writing, "You are 🔥 I'm so proud of you."

The couple were present at the Route 91 Harvest musical festival on Oct. 1, 2017, when the Las Vegas mass shooting took place. Villamor shared an Instagram post detailing her experience. "Thank you for all the amazing messages. extremely grateful this evening for the safety of my loved ones. It saddens me that others were not as lucky #prayersforvegas," she captioned the post. "He is the blood in my veins, the passionate flames that ignite my drive to persist, & reminds me why I exist. ❤️ to my love that was brave enough to keep me safe & help those around us that had been shot."

The couple dated for around two years, attending the 11th annual Fighters Only World MMA Awards in July 2019. They also showed up at the star-studded Podwall Entertainment's Halloween party in sexy police-officer costumes in October later that year.

The couple seemingly broke up by the end of 2019. Though neither ever confirmed the breakup, their eventual lack of involvement in each other's lives on social media (where they were once very public about their relationship) suggests they parted ways sometime in late 2019.

Is Taylor John Smith Dating Someone Right Now?
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Is Taylor John Smith Dating Someone Right Now?

Based on his recent public appearances, interviews, and social media activities, Smith doesn't appear to be currently romantically linked with anyone. However, without any confirmation from Smith himself, it remains unclear whether the "You Get Me" actor is actually single or seeing someone out of the public eye.