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Ilona Maher's Funniest 2021 Olympic Thirst TikToks

Team USA's Ilona Maher Is Hilariously Thirsting Over Other Olympians on TikTok

Ilona Maher's Funniest 2021 Olympic Thirst TikToks
Image Source: Getty / CHET STRANGE

Thanks to Team USA's Ilona Maher, the non-Olympian world is getting an inside glimpse of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Village. If you've ever wondered what the Olympians get up to when they're not competing, Ilona's TikToks are a great place to start. The rugby sevens player has some incredibly relatable thirst posts when it comes to interacting with her fellow athletes. And no, we don't mean "thirst traps." Turns out, she's just as captivated by the NBA players in the Games as we are. So if you're looking for a laugh, or for a new social media favorite, below are some of her best "thirst" TikToks. And if you're a hot Olympian looking for love, she's single.

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