There's a Special Corner of TikTok Where Tom Felton Sings Hamilton and Reenacts Harry Potter

In an app full of dance routines and mind-blowing challenges, Tom Felton has carved out a TikTok niche like no other. The Harry Potter actor started sharing videos in July 2020, and he dove straight into the content fans love to see: singing, magic, and plenty of Hamilton. Tom might've played the infamous Draco Malfoy with an intense Slytherin attitude, but on TikTok, he's closer to a Hufflepuff with his pure, friendly energy. Just watch his very first clip, in which he tries to cast a spell to get rid of some rain — am I wrong?

Outside of his Charms work, Tom also reenacts some of Draco's funniest moments and sings plenty of Hamilton . . . or Hamil-Tom, as he calls it. You can also enjoy his rendition of "Hermione to Hawaii," which, I kid you not, is a song about Draco and Hermione Granger. There are plenty of other gems on Tom's account, and, I'm sure, more to come. Please enjoy a few of the best ones he's posted so far.

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