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Watch Tyra Banks Teach Drew Barrymore How to Smize

Tyra Banks Teaches Drew Barrymore the Importance of Smizing in the Age of Face Masks

If you ever caught an episode of America's Next Top Model back in the late 2000s or if you were just an obsessed fan of the show like I was, you've probably heard of the art of smizing (a word coined by Tyra Banks, which means to smile with your eyes). While the concept may have been introduced over a decade ago, the Tyraism is more important than ever now as we wear face masks to protect ourselves from COVID-19. The supermodel and entrepreneur paid a visit to The Drew Barrymore Show on Thursday to teach Drew how to master the smize.

Tyra explained that since most people are used to smiling with their mouths, they might look angry or unhappy while wearing masks — that's why we have to smile with our eyes. "Now, a smize doesn't just mean, 'I'm fierce.' A smize today means 'thank you' or 'you go first.' Or a smize means, 'I'm gonna be here for you during this difficult time that you are going through right now,'" she explained.

She hilariously coached Drew through smizing, sharing that in order to get the right smize, you have to think of something that delights you. The model — who's currently the host of season 29 of Dancing With the Stars — had the talk show host imagine she was watching her daughters perform on stage as she advised her to squint her eyes. Watch the fun moment in the video above.

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