Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Pole-Dancing Skills in a Full Spider-Man Suit

Vanessa Hudgens is ringing in spooky season as only she can: by pole dancing in a skintight suit from the Spider-Man universe. The "High School Musical" star, who has been posting a new black-and-white photo on her Instagram for every day of October, truly outdid herself for Oct. 6's installment. As we start to creep closer to Halloween, Hudgens shared a video of her posing to Michael Bublé's rendition of the Spider-Man theme song in a matching costume that appears to be from the wider MCU. Shortly after, she turned to the pole behind her and took a wild spin as Bublé crooned, "Spins a web, any size . . ." in the background. "NERD," she wrote in the caption, poking fun at her dance moves.

Hudgens has previously explained that she got into pole dancing during the pandemic — one of many new hobbies that kept her preoccupied. "I've definitely leaned into multiple things. At one point I got a pole and I was taking Zoom lessons, pole dancing, which was tough," she told Entertainment Tonight back in September 2021. "I had a lot of bruises, but it was no joke." So while she may laugh at herself as she dances in her full Spidey regalia, she does actually know what she's doing when it comes to the pole.

So far in her October countdown, Hudgens has posted an adorable photo of her dog in costume, gothic outfits with her friend, impressive pumpkin carvings, and Halloween throwbacks — all different kinds of lighthearted content designed to help get her, and her followers, into the spooky spirit. And if we're already getting this kind of quality content on day six, we can't wait to see what the next three weeks will hold.