"The White Lotus" Managers Murray Bartlett and Sabrina Impacciatore Meet in New Photo

Kevin Mazur/ Daniele Venturelli/ Getty Images

The managers of the White Lotus's Hawaii and Italy locations got together to commiserate over the hotel chain's entitled guests on Saturday night. At least that's what we imagine happened. In reality, Murray Bartlett and Sabrina Impacciatore were both guests at the Motion Picture and Television Fund's Night Before event, where they connected for the first time.

Impacciatore shared the instantly iconic moment on her Instagram. In addition to posting two photos of herself sitting next to Bartlett, she captioned her post, "This meeting last night was everything to me." Bartlett commented on the pics, "You're an angel."

Bartlett played Armond, the put-upon manager who was barely holding himself together in "The White Lotus" season one. When the show switched locations to Sicily in season two, Italian actor Impacciatore assumed the role of the hotel's manager, Valentina. Where Armond was all frenetic energy and barely controlled anger, Valentina was calm and, at times, even cold as she tried to keep her own fears in check in front of the guests.

The one thing both the characters and actors have in common is that they set the tone for the season — and received accolades for their performance as a result. That made their meeting, captured in photos by fellow "White Lotus" star Adam DiMarco and director Ahmed Ibrahim on their Instagram Stories, all the more special.

Both actors reshared the snaps of their meeting on their Stories. In DiMarco's photo, Bartlett and Impacciatore embrace on the event's red carpet, and in Ibrahim's, they're sitting together at a table inside the event. The director captioned his photo, "Two managers stand before me."

Seeing the two "White Lotus" managers together wasn't just a treat for their friends and fans. In a 2022 interview with W Magazine, Impacciatore revealed that although she hadn't met Bartlett, she was eager to connect with him. "I hope one day we'll meet," she said. "I adore him, he is such an incredible actor and I loved him so much in the first season. He was so brilliant."

She went on to share her feelings about following in his footsteps: "He became my nightmare. I hated him, I wanted to kill him. I wanted to punch him. I wanted him to disappear from this planet. I love him."

With any luck, she told Bartlett exactly that, when they finally met at the Night Before event.

"White Lotus" Stars Murray Bartlett and Sabrina Impacciatore Meet