10 Reasons You Should Be Following Benito Skinner on Instagram

In March 2018, comedian Benito Skinner made a Queer Eye parody video so funny and spot-on, he basically deserves to become a member of the cast. After racking up a few hundred-thousand views on that video, 25-year-old Benito started to gain a following for his outlandish costumes, dead-on impressions, and scathing love for the Kardashians. There's nothing better than logging into Instagram and seeing a new BennyDrama7 video, so here are some reasons you absolutely need to be following him while you wait for his next masterpiece.


His Noah Centineo impression deserves an Oscar.


He shows us the importance of opening up to family members.


He keeps us up to date on all things Kardashian.


He gives us all the skincare hacks we could want.


He owns a vast array of colorful button-downs.


Look no further for cooking tutorials.


He keeps us in check every time we consider taking a vacation.


He gives us all the fitspiration we need.


Last but not least, he gives us an important reminder to stop every now and then to smell the flowers.