Here's What We Know About Kacey Musgraves's Rumored Boyfriend, Dr. Gerald Onuoha

It seems Kacey Musgraves might be off the market! The Grammy-winning country singer first sparked romance rumors this week after being spotted out with Nashville-based doctor Gerald Onuoha in LA on Sunday. She then shared a selfie of the pair on her Instagram Monday, leading fans to wonder exactly what the nature of their relationship was. While the duo have yet to comment of the status of their relationship, Gerald did seem to hint at their romance back in February when he tweeted, "Date In Private. Love In Private. Be Happy In Private."

It's unclear how the pair met, although a source told Entertainment Tonight that "they met in Nashville" and that "she likes that he is a doctor and not very involved in the entertainment industry, but that he also gets it." So, as we wait for more details to unfold, you can get to know more about Gerald ahead.


He Received His Bachelor's Degree From Tennessee State University

He first fell in love with Tennessee State University during a summer program he attended with his cousin during high school. At the time, he was into physics and astronomy and thought he was going to be an astrophysicist or an astronaut. However, he soon realized he wanted to work in medicine. "I loved the science of it all, but I did not like the idea of working alone," he previously shared in an interview with Urbaanite. "I wanted to find something where I could help others and work with people."

While at TSU, he double majored in physics and astronomy before graduating in 2008. He was also involved in student government.


He's a Member of Kappa Alpha Psi

As if Gerald wasn't busy enough double-majoring at Tennessee State University, he also joined a fraternity. An active part of the Alpha Theta chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, he received the Kappa Alpha Psi Scholars Award while at TSU. It's clear that Kappa Alpha Psi is still an important part of his life today as he currently includes "Nupe," which is the name for fraternity members, in his Instagram bio.


He Received His Doctorate in Medicine From Meharry Medical College

"At one of my summer internships at the University of Chicago, I did a medical and biophysical internship. It was there where I fell in love with medicine," he told Urbaanite about his love of medicine. This led him to pursue a degree in internal medicine at Meharry Medical College. While there he was Mr. Meharry, President of the Pre-Alumni Association, and on the Meharry Board of Trustees as a young alumni.


His Family Is an Important Part of His Work/Life Balance

For Gerald, it's been tough trying to keep a healthy work/life balance as a doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic. "It's tough but I have obligated myself to do it," he shared with Urbaanite. "When I come home, I catch up with my family . . . Overall, I try to have that balance even though it can be hard to do."


He Has Founded Multiple Organizations

Along with fellow Meharry Medical College student Dr. Drake Dudley, he founded ProjectDReam. The nonprofit's mission is to "motivate and inspire students to pursue careers as healthcare professionals" and "push our participants to not only dream, but also take active steps towards their dreams."

More recently, he founded the "Everybody vs. Racism" movement. Its primary goal is to eradicate racism by creating, supporting, and collaborating "to provide services and programs that help eliminate systemic racism for all."


He Loves to Show Off His Humor on Instagram

Prior to his rumored relationship with Kacey Musgraves, Gerald frequently made jokes about his relationship status. Some of the best ones include calling himself his only competition and wondering where his "copilot" was. Of course, he's also a frequent meme sharer and a big fan of Eddie Murphy Coming to America content (at least so far as his Oct. 25 birthday is concerned).