Get to Know the Star of HBO's We Are Who We Are Series, Jordan Kristine Seamón

If the name Jordan Kristine Seamón doesn't sound familiar, don't worry, it will soon. The 17-year-old stars in HBO's latest series We Are Who We Are, and judging from the premiere episode, you're definitely going to want to know more about her. Lucky for you, we already went ahead and gathered some fun facts about the actor. From her adorable pup Nova to her passion for activism, keep reading to know more about HBO's latest breakout star, and don't forget to check out We Are Who We Are every Sunday ob HBO Max.

We Are Who We Are Marks Her First Major Acting Role

We Are Who We Are Marks Her First Major Acting Role

Jordan stars as Caitlin Poythress in HBO's latest coming-of-age-series, We Are Who We Are. "Excited for my TV Debut," Jordan wrote on Instagram. "From director #LucaGuadagnino, @wearewhoweare is a new drama series following two American teenagers and their military and civilian parents, as they navigate friendship and first-love on an American military base in Italy." While the project marks her first TV role, we're certain it won't be her last.

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She's a Singer and Songwriter

Jordan also shares a passion for music. In 2018, she dropped her Untitled EP, which she recently followed up with her new Identity Crisis album.


She's Passionate About Activism

It's clear from Jordan's Instagram that she truly wants to make the world a better place. She doesn't shy away from speaking out about social injustices and supporting causes near and dear to her heart.


She Has an Adorable Pup Named Nova

Jordan often posts photos and videos of her dog on Instagram, and that alone is reason enough to scroll through her feed.


She's a Travel Enthusiast

Based off Jordan's social media accounts, it seems she's developed a penchant for traveling. She's posted photos from her various trips, including Italy and France, so excuse us while we vicariously live through her.