Inside the Lavish Life of Liam Payne's Girlfriend, Maya Henry

Maya Henry may be dating Liam Payne — and starring in beyond-adorable photos of the two of them kissing — but did you know Maya is also crazy successful in her own right? Seriously: her Instagram is filled with endless modeling shots and high-profile magazine covers. And the more you look into the layers of her life — like the fact that her family are essentially the Kardashians of YouTube — you'll soon become even more entranced by the luxurious world Maya lives in. Inside are 11 facts about Maya's life — and love life with Liam — that'll truly leave you breathless (and a bit jealous). Read on to take a peek inside Maya's lavish world . . .

She Became Famous Because of Her $6 Million Quinceañera

Back when she was just 15, Maya's quinceañera reportedly cost $6 million and featured performances by Nick Jonas and Pitbull. Talk about the best birthday bash ever — and everyone did.

Maya and Her Family Had a Keeping Up With the Kardashians-Style Reality Show

The model and her Texas-based family had their own YouTube miniseries — titled Hangin' With Los Henrys — that captured their lavish lifestyle and ridiculous wealth.

The 19-Year-Old Model Has Scored Huge Magazine Covers

Seriously, just check out her Insta. She's covered Vogue Ukraine, Harper's Bazaar Vietnam, Elle Romania, and more.

She and Liam First Met at a One Direction Meet and Greet

This is the best story ever: according to Capital FM, the two first met in September 2015 at a 1D meet-and-greet in Buffalo, NY, on the group's On the Road Again tour. Fan turned girlfriend? We're here for it.

They Didn't Go Public With Their Relationship Out of Respect For Cheryl

The couple purposely didn't announce their relationship until September 2019 — despite the fact that they had started dating months earlier, according to The Mirror. In fact, Liam wanted to make sure Cheryl — his ex and the mother of his son, Bear — was comfortable with it. "He is close to Cheryl and, out of respect to her, only wanted to go public with a girlfriend when he knew it was right," a source told the site.

She Starred in a Movie With Dylan Sprouse

She and Dylan acted alongside each other in the 2019 short thriller Carte Blanche, which is about a high-profile Hollywood actor (played by Dylan) whose past starts to catch up with him.

She Started Her Own Charity When She Was Just 8 Years Old

Wonderland's profile on Maya discusses the charity she founded back in 2008. In a convo with the model, she talked about "Maya's Corner," letting everyone know she is still heavily involved in the org and has plans to expand it. With her foundation, she contributes to causes she cares about, including animal welfare and helping schoolkids get the supplies they need.

And She Has Her Sights Set on Helping People

Once she finishes school, Maya reportedly plans to become a lawyer — a human rights or personal injury attorney, to be specific.

She Lives With Her Older Brother

She and her brother, Thomas, live together in Los Angeles. As seen on her YouTube series, the family is super close.

She Keeps It Super Real

Peppered in between magazine shots and professional photos, Maya posts a ton (and we mean a ton) of selfies. We love how, at the end of the day, she's just a regular, selfie-taking normie like the rest of us!