What You Should Know About Pauline Chalamet Before The Sex Lives of College Girls Premieres

Over the past few years, you've probably done an internet deep dive on Timothée Chalamet, but you might not know as much about his sister Pauline Chalamet. An accomplished actor, director, writer, producer, and former dancer, this 29-year old is quickly becoming a household name with her recent standout roles. Her latest starring role is in Mindy Kaling's The Sex Lives of College Girls, and she can also be seen in The King of Staten Island alongside Pete Davidson. Since we imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of the talented multihyphenate, here are some fun facts to get to know Pauline a bit better. Spoilers: she might be a bibliophile, but she's also a huge fan of a certain Bravo reality show . . . read on to find out!

She’s Fluent in French

Pauline is fully fluent in French and admitted she had a hard time pretending she didn't speak the language in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Pauline told W Magazine that she thought she'd have more of a knack for speaking with an American accent, sharing "I figured it'd be easy for me, I just had to copy my mother's strong American accent!" Pauline went on to jokingly note that the on-set language coach would often correct her, because her French inflection was coming through too strongly.

She’s a Book-Lover

Talk about an avid reader: Pauline shared that she reads one book each week in an interview with W Magazine. With her swift reading pace, Pauline takes on books of all different genres and mixes in everything from dramas to autobiographies to novels in both English and French.

She Lives in Paris

While her brother Timothée lives in Hell's Kitchen, New York, where the sibling pair were raised, Pauline has lived in Paris for the past seven years. She's made the city her home and shared that some of her all-time favorite landmarks are in France. Despite settling down in Paris, Pauline told Harper's Bazaar that she's grateful that she grew up in New York. She said that being surrounded by neighbors who were preparing for auditions helped her clarify her future path in entertainment, noting that "it made the idea of pursuing a career in the arts feel normal to me."

She’s a Real Housewives Fan

In an interview with E!, the cast of The Sex Lives of College Girls revealed that they all bonded over being fans of the Bravo show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Alyah Chanelle Scott shared that she, Pauline, Amrit Kaur, and Reneé Rapp would get together to watch weekly episodes and have deep-dive discussions about the reality show and its cast members.

Her First Dream Was to Be a Ballerina

Growing up, Pauline was a member of the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theater. Being part of these prestigious troupes led Pauline to believe she'd grow up to be a dancer, she told L'Officiel. That was until she realized she wanted a more verbal role on stage. "I loved being on a stage but what I lacked was to speak," she said. Although it was a large part of her adolescent life, Pauline told Harper's Bazaar that "dancing was really put to bed" and that she'd rather spend her time acting these days.

She Has Experience Behind the Camera, Too

Pauline may have gained recognition for her onscreen roles in The Sex Lives of College Girls and The King of Staten Island, but she's had other achievements in the entertainment industry, too. Her first behind-the-scenes role was writing and directing a short in 2016 titled Between Fear and Laughter, and since then, she's directed, written, and produced a number of other indies films.