Meet Buttercup! Get to Know Yana Perrault Before the Powerpuff Girls Reboot Comes Out

When I imagine how Buttercup will be portrayed in the live-action remake of The Powerpuff Girls, certain adjectives come to mind: tough, rebellious, and sarcastic. While Buttercup does have those characteristics, she's also more sensitive than she seems ー and that's the vibe I get from Yana Perrault, the actress playing her. Other than Yana's amazing artistic talents and IRL Buttercup-esque style, she's inspirational and compassionate; many of her Instagram captions contain encouraging messages that at least I need to hear more regularly. Keep reading to learn more about Yana's passions and strengths ー including singing ー to prepare for The CW's remake. I have no doubt you'll be downloading her songs right after, unable to wait for the show to hear more from her!


She Was a Part of Broadway's Jagged Little Pill, Which Won a 2021 Grammy

Yana acted in Jagged Little Pill, a Broadway show, which won a Grammy this year as the Best Musical Theater Album! "Jagged Little Pill won a Grammy yesterday so that means EYE won a Grammy???? which both baffles & tickles me to my core," she wrote in an Instagram caption. We're so impressed!


She Sees Theater as School and Prefers It Over Academics

Yana's experience with theater has shaped her and taught her a lot. "Theatre is my school . . . it's teaching me in other ways I don't think I could get," she said in an interview with Mixed Mag. "Why am I trying to fit in this box of academia that doesn't work for me anymore!" She ended up dropping out of college to pursue Broadway, and feels that if she hadn't, she isn't sure if "Broadway would have happened, at least not this soon."


She Encourages People to Give Themselves Grace and Not Work Too Hard

On Instagram, Yana inspires her followers to do what they can, but to not feel guilty about what they can't. "This is your Monday reminder that grind culture is dead. Simply existing is a wealth in itself. I hope you're able to accomplish the things that you want to, and find any sort of grace and ease while u do it/when u can/in the moments between," she wrote in a caption.


She Sings in Addition to Acting, and Has Several Albums Out

Yana is a performer with many talents, including singing! She has several albums and songs currently available. Her most recent is called "Whiskey & Weed," which is seriously sultry.


She Reminds Herself and Her Followers That Bad Days Don't Make You Unworthy

"note to self: Even when you are a mess, you are someone to be loved and something to be celebrated," Yana wrote in an Instagram caption. Yana encourages herself and her followers to remember their bodies and brains are nothing to be ashamed of, that good days are ahead, and that you can survive a bad day just like you've survived all the other ones.


She Changes Her Look Regularly to Feel Centered and Alive

Yana seems to be a poetic, spiritual person who always stays true to herself. For example, in an Instagram caption about things she'll always do, she listed "shave my head to feel centered as a form of worship to myself" and "change my look because familiarity feels like death."