Yara Shahidi Helped Her Brother Ask Storm Reid to Prom, Because That's What Sisters Are For

When coming up with a creative promposal — as the kids call it these days — it definitely helps to have Yara Shahidi as a consultant. The inspiring Grown-ish actress and activist recently shared that she helped her 16-year-old brother, actor Sayeed Shahidi, ask 15-year-old A Wrinkle in Time star Storm Reid to prom. "After big sister FaceTime consultations, conversations with his homies and knowing what would make her smile, Sayeed SURPRISED Storm with the CUTEST promposal," Yara wrote on Instagram.

Sayeed asked Storm with a personalized poster board featuring drawings and photos of the two of them. The poster read, "Storms are rare in LA, I'm lucky I found one." In her post, Storm wrote, "He's just the absolute sweetest. Saturday can't come fast enough." It seems the two have actually been friends for years, and even attended their homecoming together in 2017. While Yara and Storm haven't costarred in anything just yet, they also seem to be friendly, and have attended many events and red carpets together. We can only assume she put in a good word.

Sayeed Shahidi's Promposal

Storm and Sayeed at a Wrinkle in Time Screening

Storm and Sayeed at Homecoming