If You Can See Past Zayn's Beautiful Face, You'll Realize His Instagram Is a Whole Artistic Mood

Zayn Malik doesn't post on Instagram often, but when he does, it's art. There's always a unique edit showing off his creativity or new hair color each time he shares a post with his 31 million Instagram followers. He's come a long way in the past decade and his aesthetic has certainly developed along the way. Zayn purged his entire Instagram account in 2018, leaving behind an era of photos (RIP) and has even admitted to deleting the app on occasion when he catches himself endlessly scrolling. Luckily, that hasn't stopped him from posting over 100 photos and counting, giving us a glimpse into the life of Zayn that we can't get enough of. From showing off his custom Converse designs to his galaxy photo edits, here's a roundup of the singer's best Instagram posts.

When He Posed Looking All Relaxed Yet Caught Off Guard at the Same Time

Just an Edit of Him in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Customizing Shoes With Markers Seems to Be a Trend on His Page

Sunset Waves, a City Skyline, and a Dreamy Zayn — Perfection

When He Took a Vibrant, Colorful Selfie That a Museum Would Pay For

When He Got Down and Dirty to Show Off His Earthy Side

When He Struck a Quirky Pose and Used an Edgy Filter to Show Off His Shoes

If You Look Closely, You Might See a Cat Fashionably Posed Behind Zayn's Tattoos

When He Tried to Blend With the Characters on His Shirt

The Way This Photo Looks Like He's in the Middle of Telling You Why He Dyed His Hair Pink

When He Matched His Smoke With His Pink Hair

When He Wielded an Actual Sword to Save Us All

We Can't Forget the Time He Channeled His Inner E-Boy For This Moody Shot

Or When He Clicked "Publish" on This Blurry Photo Instead of Sending It to the Delete Pile

That Time He Posted a Throwback Photo With a Cameo of His Current Self

When He Showed Off the Art on His Actual Head

And the Art on the Rest of His Body With This Shameless Mirror Selfie