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Zendaya's Quotes in Allure December and January 2020 Issue

Don't Tell Zendaya She Can't Do It All — It Makes Her Mad

On the difference between musical fame and Hollywood fame: "I still love making music, and I still get to do it through acting a lot of times, and being able to work on the finale song for Euphoria was fun. There's a layer of personal life that I think actors get that music artists don't. They have no character to hide behind, so they have to be very open. [As actors] we get a little bit of a separation."

On how her grandfather inspired Rue's hoodie in Euphoria: "It was written in the script that Rue had this big hoodie. You can tell when she's having a good day or feels good because her hoodie is not covering her entirely, and then when she's not feeling it, she's basically hiding in this giant hoodie. When I was 11, my grandfather passed, and we had all his old clothes. I thought it would be cool if we made [it clear that] the hoodie was Rue's [late] dad's hoodie. [I wanted to capture] that attachment that you have to inanimate objects when somebody passes."

Saying it's "Zendaya's year" has become somewhat of an annual tradition. But 2019 has really been Zendaya's year. She's helped fight a supervillain in Spider-Man: Far From Home, addressed important topics, such as addiction and identity, on Euphoria, and returned to music with the bona-fide banger "All For Us" alongside singer Labrinth. Oh, and she dominated the fashion scene with her size-inclusive Tommy x Zendaya line and continued to promote social justice.

The 23-year-old star refuses to be limited, as she noted in Allure's December/January 2020 issue. Opening up about her hustle-and-grind mentality, forming a bond with fans, and standing up for underrepresented groups, Zendaya gave the magazine a look into her life and career trajectory. Read ahead to see some of her best quotes from the interview.

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