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Alejandro Aranda Sings Justin Bieber on American Idol Video

This Performance of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Had All 3 Idol Judges Throwing Their Jackets on Stage

Alejandro Aranda left American Idol fans with their jaws on the floor during his season 17 audition earlier this month, but now that he's made it to Hollywood, the 24-year-old is wowing judges even more. Despite performing two of his own songs during the audition, Aranda showed off his impressive vocals on Justin Bieber's hit song "Sorry" during his Hollywood Week performance on March 24. From the moment he opens his mouth and simultaneously strums on the guitar for an acoustic rendition of the song, judge Lionel Richie exclaims, "I could watch him all day."

But he wasn't the only judge left in awe — Richie, as well as Katy Perry and Luke Bryan applauded ecstatically and threw their jackets on the stage after the relaxed singer finished his performance. For a talented singer with a plethora of his own hits, it's safe to say he did this Bieber song justice. Watch the impressive performance above, and check out some of the most emotional American Idol auditions from this season.

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