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American Housewife Season 2 Fun Facts

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Source: ABC

Katie Otto is back and better than ever! We've partnered with ABC's American Housewife to share a sneak peek into the quirky character's upcoming escapades.

Few television characters capture our attention quite like Katie Otto of American Housewife. With her ability to make any situation hilarious, Katie speaks to our mom alter egos and encourages us to shamelessly embrace our eccentricities. During season one, Katie offers us our first peek into her unique world in Westport, CT, with her husband, Greg; her daughters, Taylor and Anna-Kat; and her son, Oliver. Narrated by Katie's hysterical and refreshingly honest inner monologue, the show follows the unconventional family's attempts to make their mark on a community that needs a major reality check. This season, the gang is back with even bigger and funnier family fiascos. Read on for five reasons we're captivated by Katie's season two exploits, and don't forget to tune into the show's premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 9:30/8:30 C on ABC!