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Archie and Veronica Singing "Kids in America" on Riverdale

Riverdale: Archie and Veronica's "Kids in America" Cover Is Shockingly Good

Archie Andrews doesn't waste any time, does he? After getting dropped by Valerie like a hot potato, the Riverdale heartthrob has already found a new singing partner: Veronica Lodge. For the upcoming homecoming episode, the two team up for a smashing rendition of "Kids in America," which was famously featured on the Clueless soundtrack, and it's giving us a lot of feelings. While their chemistry on stage is undeniable, there are a few ladies in the crowd feeling the sting, including Betty Cooper. Is it possible that she's not over Archie, or is she more upset that Veronica broke the girl code? Either way, we're secretly shipping Varchie.

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